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CrimsonBikes is a bike shop from the future. We're both a local bike shop and an online store. Through our website, you can shop our full inventory or have your bike repaired without ever stepping foot in our store.

Crimsonbikes works around your lifestyle.  

We'll come to you!

Too busy to make it over to our shop in Harvard Square? No problem. Our convenient Mobile Bike Shop offers home pickup/delivery. And if you have a bike that needs a little TLC, we'll pick it up and drop it off when it's repaired.

  Crimson bikes has unbeatable prices.

The Lowest Prices in Boston  

Forget shopping around. Our site offers the lowest prices on bikes, accessories and service you can find anywhere. Our unique business model saves us a ton and we pass those savings onto you. 


How We Stack Up

CrimsonBikes combines the best features of local bike shops and online bike retailers and raises the bar even more.

CrimsonBikes_crimsonbike ranking.jpg

1. CrimsonBikes

Service plans to cover repairs and theft
Free home pickup & delivery
Mobile Bike Shop

High-quality bikes and accessories
The best prices
Convenient online shopping
Professionally-assembled bikes
Service and repairs
Local storefront


High-quality bikes and accessories
Professionally-assembled bikes
Service and repairs
Local storefront

3. Online bike stores

Lower prices
Quality bikes and accessories
Convenient online shopping


Buying Bikes & Accessories

Find your Dream Bike

Find your dream bike

Shopping for a bike can be intimidating, but not here. Use our Perfect Bike Finder to help you figure out which bike is right for you.

Accessorize your Bike


Pick your ride, add all the bells (literally) and whistles you want. And while you're at it, consider upgrading to one of our service plans.

Order Online


Buy with confidence. Not only are our prices guaranteed to be the best you can find, we also have a no-stress return/exchange policy.

Get Ready to Ride Your Bike

Get Ready to Ride

Kick back. When you order your bike from us, we go to work. We professionally assemble your bike and deliver it to your door for free.


We've Got Answers

I’d like to test a bike before I buy it. can I do that?

Sure, if we or one of our partner shops has the bike you want in stock, you can schedule an appointment to stop by. But even if it's not in stock, it’s okay! We do the hard work for you by testing dozens of bikes and selecting the ones that are comfortable and fun to ride. If you see a bike on our site, you’re going to love it. Plus, by keeping limited stock, we are able to save $$ and we pass those savings onto you! 


I see a bike that I like but don’t know what size to get. How do I pick the right one? 

Many of our bikes are sorted by height and that is enough for most people. If you need to know how to pick the correct size for other bikes, check out our "Perfect Bike Finder." We have a method that helps you select the proper size every time. When you receive your bike, we will be there to ensure a proper fit. If you feel that something’s not quite right on your bike, you have 21 days to exchange or return it. And of course, we are always happy to help answer sizing questions, just send us an email at info@crimsonbikes.org.


What forms of payment do you accept?

We prefer credit cards, but we do accept cash as well. We also like chocolate, we just haven’t figured out a proper conversion rate.


I read that I get free service for a year with my bike purchase. What does that include?

Your free service covers the cost of labor for any repairs and adjustments as well as a free tune-up. Parts are extra, but consistent with all of our products, lower than you can find anywhere.


Where are you located?

Our main office and shop is located in Cambridge, but your bike or accessories may come from any of our local partner shops. If you are picking up a bike or dropping your bike off for service, you'll come here. Instructions and directions can can be found on our site and in your scheduling confirmation email.


I just want to buy accessories. Can they be delivered?

Yes, usually same-day! And delivery is free in the Boston area (inside I-95).