Fuji Origami 1.3

Fuji Origami 1.3

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Lightweight Fuji Folding Alloy frame
Shimano Tourney 7-speed drivetrain keeps shifting and maintenance simple
Rack and fender mounts for optional accessories
Low-maintenance design

This ain't your daddy's folding bicycle -- technology has come along way and the Fuji Origami 1.3 is an elegant example of just how far these types of bikes have come. This bike is so convenient and easy to use that when you're not using it to commute or navigate around town, you're going to want to throw it in the trunk of the car or carry it onto the T. 

The bike provides a big bike feel with the convenience of a folding bike that can store easily in your garage, apartment or dorm. The 1.3 model is equipped with a 48-tooth crank and a 7-speed Shimano Tourney drivetrain, components normally found on full-size bikes. As you breeze past traffic, you'll appreciate the acceleration and speed that the gears provide. The convenient handlebar shifter means you keep your hands on the handlebars while going up hills, which will keep you balanced and safe coupled with the 20" tires.

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